Life on Purpose

Living and Leading with Purpose

My passion is to help people discover their purpose so they can live intentionally. It is my purpose to help you and/or your team reach the “Aha!” moment and then help the pieces of the puzzle come together.

Hi, I am Stacey Kessler, As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, my purpose is to help you discover your true identity and purpose. I walk with you in your personal and professional growth through the study and application of John’s proven leadership methods. As a person of faith, I apply the truth and wisdom of Biblical principles through coaching, speaking, and training.

I am here to help you expand your vision, build your confidence, unlock your potential, increase your skills, and take practical steps towards fulfilling your goals and purpose.

YOU were created on purpose, with a purpose, and for a purpose!

You can make excuses or you can make progress, but you can’t do both. A stuck life without vision is like stagnant water, it has no current or flow, and it stinks. But it doesn’t have to be that way. No matter where you (or your team) are in your journey, I can help you take the next step to reach your fullest potential.

When was the last time you invested in yourself?

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Don’t allow the hurdles stop you from reaching your goal!

Personal & Professional Development

Leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less. To grow in leadership, one must grow in influence. The Maxwell Leadership Assessments, based on the teachings of John C. Maxwell, are designed to measure your current level of influence which can then be used to target your leadership growth.

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My coaching involves the ability to understand you: to think how you think, and understand your perspective. From this benchmark, I will place another perspective on top of yours – stretching and growing you to gently see a more empowering way. As a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Member, I can see what you are going through now and what is up ahead. Coaching is foreseeing, paving the way, coming alongside you while helping you achieve goals and overcome limiting paradigms.

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I will go before you and make the crooked places straight; 
I will break in pieces the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron.

Isaiah 45:2

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